The act of terrorising terror


I am trapped in a sea of wonders.

I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul.

There are stormy nights and cloudy days.

I ponder if I'm nearing my end, trapped in this pitch black hole!

This grim, dreadful sea resembles today’s world. A world where your gender decides the time you come back home; money dictates the friends you choose; not one's soul, but appearances help people find their “soulmate” and religion determines the educational institution you get in. Terror can be anything dreadful- right from rape threats to the anxiety we go through before a stage performance.

Well, how does one perceive terror? If you ask an infant, it might be the fear of falling hard while taking its first step, to a 5 year old it might be the thought of losing his parents, to a teen it might be a heartbreak, to a JEE aspirant it might be a bad score, to a doctor it may be the death of a patient, to a victim it might be the rapists, to a pregnant woman it might be a miscarriage, to a 100 year old it might be death! It comes in all forms and all flavours. Terror is fictional. It’s always about the way we perceive it. It lies within us! He who strikes terror into others, is himself a victim of continual fear. Dread is merely our attitude towards events, not events themselves that we can control- even a contingency like death is terrible, only if we fear it! So folks, let’s terrorise terror today to seek peace and solace to make this world a better place.


Author ~ Shreshtha Editor ~ Sai Reddy

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