The baggage of emotion

“You are too young to feel all this.” ‘You don’t know what it feels like.”

No matter what age one is, they feel emotions. Be it a 113-year-old man or a few second old child, they all feel emotions. People think that when you’re younger, the feelings that you feel are just a spark. A spark that will not light even a fire. Little do they know that it is a fire that can consume us whole. It can make us feel warm as well as make us want to claw our skin out.

I like to associate emotion with study textbooks. A kid in upper kindergarten will think that the study load they are given is outrageous. The same kid in the last year of his school will also think the study load they are given is outrageous. But when he looks back to his younger version and his study load, he thinks, ‘Man it was so easy back then’ because he doesn’t remember how difficult he had found to complete his work then but at that time it was almost impossible for him to complete his duty.

The older you grow, the more you can handle. The workload and the textbooks increase but the pressure and stress that you felt will always be the same. No matter what your age. It's just that the older you get, you can handle the emotions better, you can understand them better. You get to understand yourself and them in depth. That is the only difference. We all feel emotions.

Author: Asmi Pawar

Editor: VR Kapse

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