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My palms were sweaty as I heard her footsteps outside. Grace was here, a terrible patient who had convinced several therapists to commit suicide. Therapists much older and more experienced than me had not only failed to cure her from whatever she is suffering but had also been convinced to end their own life by listening to her speak.

While I was pondering over this, Grace pushed open the door to my work quarters.

I was terrified and I do realise the common question here, why was I doing it if I was scared? Well the money was good and although I am ashamed to admit, business had not been great lately so I'd thought that I could use the extra money. It wasn't like anyone was going to miss me if I was gone, all of my immediate family had died three years ago in a fire that had broken out in the apartment. While I couldn't care less for my distant family.

As Grace sat down, I started by asking her the most basic question which any therapist asked, one which I was certain she had heard more than a hundred times. "What is your name?" I asked. "Grace Brock Thomson" she replied in a voice so cold that it sent shivers down my back.

I started to ask "What brings you ..." when suddenly she bursts into hysterical laughter. Terrified as I was,I ask her what was so funny?

She replies by asking,"Doctor, what do you think that you could possibly ask me that hasn't been asked multiples times before?"

Suddenly a feeling of recklessness overcame me and I said "I could ask you why you killed those other therapists?"

"But you see, I didn't. I didn't kill them", she replied.

"We both know that's not true Grace"

"Hmm...that's quite receptive of you I must say"she said smirking.

"SO, tell me what u did!!" I exploded.

"Huhh. Well I did nothing other than but talk them through their greatest fears."

"As in?" I asked half confused, half bewildered by what this girl was capable of. Therapists are usually the most stable headed people, which is why they are capable of helping others with their mental health. Of this girl here could actually manage to unhinged not one but several therapists, then there was something suspicious about her.

"As in, I pointed out to them what worthless and insignificant lives they were leading. How no one including their family was going to miss them after they dies....."

"Shut up, just shut up!!" I interrupted her before she could finish. I knew that if I let her speak, then I would want to kill myself like those before me. At this point I didn't care bout the money or about my job, I only cared about my life. "Why are you here! Just tell me already! I realise that you are perfectly sane."

"Well you've figured me out haven't you? Quite right you are, I am perfectly sane. Actually I believe myself to be smarter than most people, otherwise how would I have gotten away with killing 19 therapists?"

"But how did you?and why?" I questioned.

"Cuz they thought they were better than me, they tried to cure me when I was better than them...."

The rest of her words were as of blurred from my hearing as I decided that the only way for me to survive was to kill her.

Sliding my hand over the table I yanked the table lamp free from its socket and flung it with all my strength towards her. Quite shockingly I didn't miss as the projectile found its mark on her nose. While I rushed towards her, picking up a book on my way and kept smashing the lamp and the book into her face till she stopped resisting, which meant she was dead.

After the deed was done the horror of my actions struck me, though I was quite beside myself while committing the murder.


The guards held me by my hands and dragged me inside the room. Dr. Theoroid was engraved and fashionably carved into a wooden board hammered outside the door. This was the 13th therapist they had taken me to believing they could understand what was wrong with me? Why had I killed the patient I was supposed to be curing?

As I entered the room all I could think about was the previous lives I had taken. 13th to be exact and Dr. Theoroid would be my 14th I thought as he asked me what my name was.

"Oh you very well know my name, you've been pouring over my files for the past few days. However, you can call me Gracio", I said as I yanked the lamp free.

-Suansh Joshi.


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