The Better Twin

Updated: Jun 30

“Aye smartie, the recording has started. Can you for once leave that pocket knife alone?” screamed Anubhi. “You mean the love of my life?” Nads scoffed as she sat next to her, towering in comparison. “Honey, we both know you are gonna die alone.” replied Anu, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Unless....” smirked Nads. “Please, your hideous smirk only proves that I am the better looking twin”, said Anu while elbowing Nads in the ribs.

“Suuuuure- OH LOOK A MINI FRIDGE!” exclaimed Nads, distracted by the sparkly lights. “Ha! My distraction worked. So as I was saying, I am the better twin,” bragged Anu in an evidently phoney evil tone, pulling out a 20 slide powerpoint. “Uhhhh guys?” '', entered a very confused Ananya. “Oh, hey Ananya, watch Anu attempting to be counterfeit Amy”, yelled Nads, covered in Gatorade bottles. “HOW DARE YOU! SAY THAT ONCE AGAIN AND I’LL BURN YOUR LEATHER JACKETS.YOU’RE NO MORE THAN A TACKY ROSA!” screamed Anu as she threw an empty bottle at her twin.

“Guys”, Ananya tried to meditate.

Nads pulled out a long sword and pointed it towards Anu. “Try me.” “You want me to?” Anu eyerolled as she raised her fist as if signaling the beginning of a match. “COME AT ME!” yelled Nads as she angrily ran towards her adversary.

“GUYS! TIME OUT” yelled Ananya as she jumped on the bed trying not to get incapacitated between the duel. “SHUT UP, ANANYA!” the twins yelled in unison giving her the death glare. “ZOYAH, ANU AND NADS ARE AT IT AGAIN!” Ananya screamed.

“This better be good Ananya,”said Zoyah as she entered the room with popcorn in her hand. Ananya looked at Zoyah. “Seriously Zoyah, they’re pulling each other's hair!” “Fine, but it was just getting spicy, in my defense.” Zoyah replied.

“GIRLS, TIME OUT!” yelled Zoyah. “But-” started Nads. “RIGHT NOW!” interjected Zoyah. “Fine.” finished Anu.

Zoyah asked, “Now, what’s this about?”

“Nads is being extra annoying today.” replied Anu.

“Am not, it’s you!”, retorted Nads.

“How very adorable that both of them think it’s the other when it’s both.” muttered Zoyah under her breath. “Everyone knows that I’M the better twin.” declared Anu.

“EXCUSE ME? You're sooo self obsessed!” Nads remarked.

“SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU!” yelled Zoyah.

“Okay okay calm down! There’s only one calm way to settle this” interjected Ananya, seeing that things were getting heated. “WWE SHOWDOWN!” said Nads with determination. “NO!” everyone else retorted.

“A trip down the memory lane” cheered Ananya. She brought out the big dusty albums from the shelf and they all started flipping the pages.

“Aww look Ananya, toddler Nads is holding Anu’s decapitated teddy bear’s head. Remember how mad Anu was after that? She used Peter the Pan for the first time that day.” cooed Zoyah, turning to see a drooling Anu and a snoring Nads cuddled together sleeping. “These two have always been the devil’s spawns” added Ananya.

“True, it’s their shenanigans that add life to this house.”

Suddenly they heard a tape, repeating their last statements.

“Oops, look at what I recorded twinie.” teased Anu

“Oh, is it a recording that is like a clearance for us to do any kind of pranks we want?” Nads said, adding fuel to the fire.

“You two did not!” exclaimed the other two.

“We so did” said the twins in unison as they high fived.

“What do you two want?” hissed Zoyah.

“Let me just-” said Anu while stealing Zoyah’s and Ananya’s wallet.

“Now chop chop, we have maxing out of cards to do!” smirked Nads as she pushed Zoyah and Ananya out of the room.

“This was too much work.” said Anu while she closed the door and counted the cash. “Agreed, next time let’s just pick Karan’s pocket?” sighed Nads, fanning herself using Zoyah’s card.

“Yes totally. By the way, I am ordering blue gatorade.”

“WITH KARAN’S MONEY!” the twins chorused gleefully as they found Karan’s card in Zoyah’s wallet.

“You know what? I've just realised that we are polar opposites, but you make my life better. We are like yin and yang, darkness and light. Forever there for each other, especially when we need a reality check ” said Nads

“And god, you need many of those!” joked Anu.

“Can you for once be nice and not cold?” snapped Nads.

“They are at it again. Chaos is back baby!” thought Zoyah as she eavesdropped against the twins’ door.

Author: Anubhi Srivastava and Nandini Patil

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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