The binding glue

Google says that there are 6 basic emotions that exist, but then why do I feel a million of them every day?

You know how we describe our life as a puzzle we need to complete? Finding and gathering the missing pieces to finish the puzzle we started the day we were born?

Well, I consider emotions to be the binding glue to these puzzle pieces.

We are always so busy looking for the end to this puzzle that we forget how we are binding them along the way.

It is so fascinating how we experience so much but reflect so little. I used to fear feeling anything, the emotions, the way they guided my actions. And if I'm being honest, I haven't really still made my peace with them, they always drove me all over the universe, exhausting me to just make me end up at the very start of it all. I cannot think of any reason as to why they exist in such a huge amount except that they bind the pieces of our lives together, perfectly.

Author: Jia Baskhi

Editor: Nathania Do Rego

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