The Bully and Its Prey

Won’t you help me?

Bring me peace as I fight these demons,

Won’t you be my prey as I stalk?

Won't you help me?

Let me carve my name on your soul,

Let me take back my lost control

Let me drag the claws of my insecurities down your back,

Push you down and show you my pain.

Let my scarred heart touch yours

as I caress your throat,

letting your screams get lost with your self worth.

Let those bruises be

The map of my raging anxiety,

Let the pain remind you that the world is so much more cruel than you thought it to be.

They told me you are weak,

That you'll easily go on your knees and not even squeak.

Maybe my friends will finally like me,

and I'll be the man my dad wants me to be.

Full of potential you are.

Let those tears flow,

Let them stain your cheeks,

No one will ever help you

Just like they never rescued me.

So won't you help me,

Won't you share my pain?

Authors: Durva Shesh and Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: VR Kapse

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