The Colours in her Rainbow

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Trapped. That's the only word we could use to describe how she felt, as She crouched down low trying not to be seen. She'd been hiding in her closet for months now and every day that she spent in there, the harder it got to breathe. The harder it got to see who she really was. And every single day, it just grew darker and darker till the darkness finally clouded her mind and it was all she could see. She spent so much time in that closet of hers that the darkness didn't just surround her, it became a part of her; like a dark black aura that hovered around her.

She wanted nothing more than to just step out.

She hadn't even tried to look outside her prison. What would people say? Her parents, her friends, how would they possibly react? She was so consumed by her thoughts that she didn't even notice the rainbow that was shrouded in her fear; of being judged, of being isolated, of being herself around other people. The drugs she'd started taking didn't help much either. She tried everything. Antidepressants, cutting, drinking and smoking, therapy; nothing helped. Every time she tried to open her closet door, her hands would tremble. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't bring herself to open the doors and come out.

That was until one day she saw a hand extended into the closet, to help her out of it.

It was an ordinary day in that small, dark closet of hers. She'd drowned her troubles in two bottles of scotch and was dealing with the headache that came soon after. When suddenly, from the slit in the middle of her prison, she saw a rainbow light. She was sure she was hallucinating but she could have sworn it was a hand. It looked a lot like her father's. After much hesitation, she took it. It helped her push apart the closet doors and pulled her out into the light. And the sight she saw was breathtaking. All the darkness she was so used to seeing was driven away by the burst of colour she saw. She ran into her parents’ arms as she got their silent, unspoken message. She was free; free to live, free to love who she wanted and above all, free to be who she was without hesitation. After all, as Taylor Swift once said, "shade never made anybody less gay". The rainbow she saw was vibrant and she finally knew she had found her people. There were others like her! She finally felt like she belonged. The dark aura that once surrounded her, exploded and destroyed her insecurities and fears along with it. That darkness was replaced by a rainbow light, warm and sure. And she smiled to herself, as she now knew that nothing and nobody else mattered. She was free. And she was all she needed.

Author: Nandini Patil

Editor: Khushi Bansal

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