The colours of Indian diversity

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

India- the vibrant land of culture. This great nation has been known to house the richest of traditions and enshrine the most spectacular customs. Right from its many religions and languages to its festivals and cuisines, 'Bharat' is perhaps the most exemplary nation to prove that unity and diversity go hand in hand.

"The land of five rivers", "The land of the white desert", "God's own country", "The valley of flowers"- Punjab, Rann of Kutch, Kerala and Uttarakhand. These glorious places are just a mere glimpse of the many magnificent destinations that gracefully find their home in India.

Bihu from Assam, Bandish and Ghazals from North India, Madhubani art from Bihar, Ghoomar from Rajasthan, Lavani from Maharashtra, Kathakali from Kerala and Kalamkari from Andhra; such is the beauty of the cultural diversity.

From accepting cultural changes to evolving towards modern lifestyles, an aesthetic and contemporary twist is clearly visible in every walk of life.

Perhaps, very few people embrace cultural diversity these days. Today, most of it just remains within the good old pages of holy books and epics. Nevertheless, advancing with the modern culture of the 21st century is the perfect example of India's diversity.

Apart from housing ethnic diversity, the people of India also embrace the diversity of thoughts. The vivid thoughts of this country reflect the reasons for its national fraternity and development. Over the years, India has gained global recognition for various reasons, one of them being India’s acceptance towards people from all communities and religions.

The snow-capped mountains of Dehra, the beaches of Chennai, the Mangroves of Assam and the serene beauty of Mother Nature are a humble representation of the magnificent physical features.

Colourful cultures, ancient rituals and traditions, a rainbow of thoughts and picturesque places are true symbols of rich Indian heritage and its diversity.

Unfortunately, many people do not seem to value the diversity of the very soil they grew up in. Temples are in anguish, nature is dying, thoughts are now narrow minded and cultures cease to be followed.

Let us not forget that India is known for its diversity and we as her citizens must tirelessly strive to keep its uniqueness alive!

Author: Amrita Pillai

Editor: Riya Pote

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