The cute little boy


The little boy walked through the bylanes,

His shirt covered with bloodstains,

His countenance expressionless.

What had happened?

Let's take a guess: he was returning home from his tuition class when he got into a bloody situation.

The ugly old man stared at him intently,

Moving his fingers slyly,

His snake-like tongue smearing saliva all over his lips.

Pero pero lick”,

Pero pero lick”.

The little boy was oblivious to this, he continued to walk,

Unaware of the predator’s stalk.

In his hand was a banana

A pale yellow coloured banana.

The ugly old man reached into his back pocket,

He pulled out a rather strange looking knife,

Made of steel, with a strange red sheen,

It didn't have a handle.

Holding it in his hand, he did a dandle.

It was rather strange and mysterious.

He was cutting his palm - the man was delirious,

He licked his own blood and in a soft voice said, “Delicious.”

He then proceeded to cover his knife with his blood

The time had come.

The little boy entered an eerie dark lane, the ugly old man followed.

The boy said, "Something's wrong, I can feel it.”

The ugly old man lunged forward and mangled the boy.

Licked his ear, his saliva entering the boy’s eardrum.

The man whispered, “You are going to suffer, little chum.”

He took his knife and tried to slit the boy's throat

But, the man found himself lying on the ground, his intestines pulled out.

Something had happened without a doubt,

The boy said, "When it's time to end a life, pain is what you shall feel,

No need for strife,

Slit you like an eel,

No place for you in the afterlife,

Your skin l shall peel

Like an illusionary fruit, with a banana knife.

The boy violated the dying ugly old man.

It was the end of his lifespan.

The little boy ate his intestines, cut the snakelike tongue.

He fed on him like a ravenous hyena.

He was in ecstasy as he heard the screams of the ugly old man.

The little boy walked through the bylanes

His shirt covered with bloodstains

His countenance expressionless

A chill in the air,

The living embodiment of despair.

The little boy walked through the bylanes

His shirt covered with bloodstains

His countenance expression less.

Author: Arindam Joshi

Editor: Nitya Binu

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