The Deceptive Demons Within


Startled awake I wondered what that noise was. I wanted to look around but realised my eyes were squeezed shut with panic. That's when I heard it again. "Hiss.... Hiss", like a snake crawling up my leg.

It was disgusting. I wanted to shake it off but was seized with fear as I came to the conclusion that it's got me. He's got me! I was warned, I was threatened, even laughed at. He kept coming back with his ugly rotten grin and decaying face.

He told me there was something different about me. That he'll help me. But there was a sense of apprehension around him due to which I couldn't move. I wanted to run for the hills. Run where he won't find me but he always did. Finally forcing myself to move I started thrashing my legs around to get the now multiplied snakes off me but they wrapped around my ankles tighter with a vice like grip.

My breaths started heaving and I wriggled frantically, but nothing seemed to work When suddenly I heard a familiar sound and fear gripped my throat. Heavy footsteps on the floor came closer as I felt my mattress dip beside me. He leaned towards me and he smelled like death, as usual.

I remember my doctor telling me he's not real. That none of these feelings are real. It's supposed to be all in my head and I can control it. But how is it not real when you can hear and smell and feel things. How are the slimy, sticky fingers running down my cheeks not real? Down my neck, onto my throat, squeezing. My eyes flew open realising he's strangling me. Opening my mouth I screamed and screamed my lungs out but no sound came out.

He just smirked but the message was clear. He's done playing, now's the time to end things. Sitting up I moved further away from his grasp while panting. Beads of perspiration forming on my forehead.

I was beyond terrified. There was smoke coming from under my bed. Windows clouded with fog. The whole atmosphere, thick with dread. It took another second for me to register that I was cornered and that was enough to throw my body into a convulsion.

From my peripheral vision I spotted a lamp. That was my only chance to fight back.

Gathering courage I quickly reached for it to smash it on his head. As it was about to hit him, my hand froze. I couldn't move it. My eyes snapped on his face, he was laughing. The nastiest laugh you ever heard raising goosebumps on your skin, making the hair at the back of your neck stand with terror.

The lamp in my hand turned to dust. With wide eyes and a sinking feeling, I could taste fear in my mouth. Giving up the fight, I embraced my doom as my eyes rolled back.


Author: Akansha Editor: Aryaa

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