The Defiant Princess

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You must think it's exquisite, don’t you? Maybe, in the rarest of chances I would think so too, that is, if I were you. But unfortunately, trust me when I say this; being a royal is the most asphyxiating thing ever.

Greetings, I’m Adelaide Beaumont, a 16 year old princess and the daughter of Christopher and Blair Beaumont, the King and Queen of Beaphate. My life has been like any other princess’, except for a minute difference. I wasn't allowed to go outside the doors of our castle, in fact, I was forbidden from doing so. I was always to be with my caretaker. I was never to be left alone. Always to be inside the safety and comfort of the castle where nothing could harm me, as my parents told me. I have no real friends, but the closest thing that I have to a friend is my diary.

March 18th, 2012.

It was a normal average day, nothing out of the ordinary. I was in my brownstone room, with only the company of my caretaker as usual. That specific day, for some reason I felt a strange sense of imprisonment. My entire life I had been guarded by the same four walls in my room and the same face to see every day and this made me completely and utterly exasperated. My parents hardly ever visited me in my room anymore. People said that it was their lack of love, but I wouldn't call it that. Back when I was a toddler, when they visited me more often, they always repeated- “Whatever we do is solely for you, we simply just want to protect you, to keep you safe, you have to understand that.” At that time, I understood, because I was simply too oblivious to know what was happening, but as the years passed by I began to wonder, what were they protecting me from? What in the world was so dangerous for me out there? I never got my answer to this day. The frustration soon made me think of an idea, one which my parents of course, wouldn't be too keen about. They might even call me “The Defiant Princess” after I do what I'm planning to, which is to sneak out. Sneak out of the room I’ve been held captive in for years; going outside the safety of the castle doors with no one to supervise me and tell me to watch my every step, all the while doing the same. I will have absolutely no one to look after me if something does go wrong. That very sentence raised two different feelings from deep inside of me. Fear and freedom. After years I would know what it was going to be like to live my life as an effortless teenager. This was my chance, and I was going to take it.

March 19th, 2012.

I don’t think I can go through with this. I have absolutely no knowledge of the outside world. The little that I do know, I doubt would be of any help if I did plan to go through with the imprudent idea. The simple thought of stepping out of this brownstone room and breathing in air that did not belong to the luxurious castle that I had called home for so many years was scary but seeing the rich green and colourful world that I had only had the pleasure of looking at through my room window only for a couple of peaceful minutes everyday, made my eyes fill with tears of joy and also brought out a giddy smile that split my face in half. If only my mother and father knew what was brewing inside that little brain of mine. Goodness gracious me! My parents! What would they think of me? They would be so disappointed in me for not following the only rule that they wished for me to follow. Knowing that this might be my only chance to finally see and feel the world through my own eyes and hands made me get through with it. I would just have to sneak in and out without anyone from the royal family and staff knowing. Now the only question plaguing my mind was which place I could visit to go through with my defiant plan.

After thinking for a second, I finally got it! I would sneak off to the Emberwhisper Garden. It was a secret, covert little garden in a certain part of our castle. I had heard a lot about it from my father when I was a little girl. I remember him telling me about it through a story. Rumor was, that the sun's rays would fall so perfectly on the fountain that the water would seem to glow and the flowers surrounding it would seem to sparkle. He called it the place where one would realise their true potential. Not many royals knew about it. He had said that he discovered it when he himself was a teenager and would often sit by the fountain in the middle of the garden and take in the beauty that nature had to offer, moreover he had also started planting a specific species of flowers of his choice there. My plan was to wake up early and tip toe out of my room so as to not attract any attention and gather supplies that I might need for my little rendezvous. I had to be cautious as I had eavesdropped and overheard my caretaker saying something about the spring solstice and how the security would be doubled. The security was always doubled during this time of the year, I had also noticed how mother and father would also be on edge during this period. It felt like they were somewhat paranoid, like even the slightest of noise or disturbance would freak them out.

March 20th, 2012.

I began my breakout at dawn, just before the radiant sun took its position in the sky. I had everything in place and even my caretaker was in her own room today. It was always on this date every year that the security was more than usual, I never quite understood why, I mean it's not like March 20th was my birthday! What can I say, my entire life has been a mystery. Just to make sure, I slightly knocked on my room door to check if I would get a response, and as expected I did not. I took one of my coat hangers and fiddled with the lock, my attempt being successful, the door swung open. This was it. I was finally going to visit the place I had always dreamed of going; the place my dad had always talked about. After a lot of twists and turns and dodging a few of the guards successfully, I found myself questioning if sneaking out felt too easy, but all of my thoughts faded away when I saw the gate to the Emberwhisper garden.

The gate held the key to the garden I had always dreamed of. The gate itself was magnificently beautiful, surrounded by a few flowers. On getting a closer look, they were the very same ones my father had always described. The only problem now was the guard, who was keeping an eye on everything around him, not letting a single part of the gate out of his sight. This very guard would have to be my biggest challenge. I was lost in thought on how to get past him. But as if sensing my dismay, a bee went right past his eyes and sat on his shoulder, he gently shooed it off, but a while later, he found quite a lot buzzing all around his head, frightened by the sudden encounter, he started to sprint away.

After seeing this whole situation unfold before my eyes I wondered if that was fate. I felt exhilarated.

I slowly moved closer to the gate and pushed it open, and when I tell you that I was in awe of what I saw, I really was. Never in the sixteen years that I had lived had I seen something so majestic, so serene. The whole garden was surrounded by a wide variety of flowers, the most abundant being the black eyed susan, which I realised was the flower that attracted bees the most. The sky was fairly painted by paper white clouds with the sun shining brightly. I took in a deep breath, the clean, crisp air filled my lungs. I had never in my entire life felt more alive than I had in that very moment. I took in another breath because this simply just did not feel real. I had done it. I had snuck out of the castle, dodged all the guards and had finally seen the Emberwhisper garden with my very own eyes. The very thought of leaving that delightful place made me a bit weary, but I would have to hurry soon, before the guards or worse, my parents found out that I was missing. I tried to imprint the blissful scenery in my mind but I knew that the memory would be far less amazing compared to what was right in front of me.

As I was busy admiring the garden that my father had praised about and planted flowers on his own, I heard a slight buzzing sound near me. I turned around to inspect what the sound was or where it came from but ended up with nothing. Thinking I was imagining the sound, I turned back around to continue with what I was doing. But the buzzing was heard again and this time it was near me. I turned my head to where I thought the sound came from and was met with a bee. Right on my shoulder. I felt my eyes widen and before I could even think of doing something the buzzing noise turned into a low hum and then I heard:

“What are your next orders, your Majesty?” it spoke.

Current day.

“What are your next orders, your Majesty?” asked Ararn, my loyal bee.

“Execute them. All of them.” I ordered in a stern voice.

And then what happened next was all a blur. It was a blur of screams, desperate pleas and a faint noise in my head that told me that maybe I should have listened to my parents.

10 years have passed and at times I don’t even recognise myself. But I can’t deny destiny, can I?

Author: Krishna Malkani & Asmi Pawar

Editor: Nandini Patil

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