The Doubleback

Have you ever had a sudden surge of old feelings that you thought you had buried deep inside you? You can’t say that you’ve grown up before you’ve experienced this feeling. This happens when your heart breaks or when you lose someone. This feeling might stay for a short or long time, but it brings back memories that you just cherish too much to let go. It tests your ability to handle pain. They say that don’t ask questions that you don’t want the answers to. After a relationship ends it becomes a case file with developments in losing someone. Sometimes it makes you happy, but sometimes it just hurts you deep inside. The breakups that hurt the most are like timebombs. They wait for you to get over it, but then a memory or some new information just damages you to the core. Someone leaving you for someone else and you discovering that later is what we call this situation, a doubleback.

Author: Aadi Bhatia

Editor: Alekhya Gahilot

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