The enchanting tale of a full moon night

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

{Radha and Rukmini lay under the stars with the light of a lantern for company. Intrigued by the concepts of darkness and light, they have a conversation, exchanging their views on this captivating topic.}

"Look at the darkness giving birth to the sun, look at the resplendence of the galaxies and the solar systems, aren't they black beauties?", asked Radha with the utmost fascination. Her beautiful, dark, solemn eyes reflected the depth of her thoughts and her emotions.

"I disagree, dear Radha", said Rukmini. “The darkness often scares me. The unknown nature of darkness tends to conquer my peace of mind.

Oh Radha! Leave these philosophical discussions, will you?"

Radha smiled and gently walked towards the Yamuna. "There's always hope in the unknown", she said.

Keshav, who was hiding behind the trees all this while, turned up in front of the young girls and said, "There is no darkness without light and there is no light without darkness. The very fundamentals of this universe are based on such theories."

However, Rukmini strongly believed that darkness is associated with wickedness and ignorance.

Radha, meanwhile, longed to explore the world of darkness. Her free spirited and adventurous nature was drawn to it.

Rukmini said "Light grants warmth, light nurtures the world. It is light that symbolizes the victory of good over evil."

With utmost patience, Keshav said that light and darkness follow a certain rhythm. "We can never see both together, that's the beauty of the cosmos, dear ones. It is all based on our thoughts, our perceptions. After all, who knows, perhaps life is a mere illusion!"

Looking at their crestfallen faces, the ever playful and joyful boy in him said, "It’s a full moon night, O gopikas! Embrace the divinity of this night. Observe the profoundness of the dark skies and let the brightness of the moon fill you with its magnificence! Perceive how the darkness of the night delicately complements the splendour of the moon. Don't worry about the supremacy of darkness or light, dance through life, living its every aspect to the fullest. Then you'll see how rewarding the simplest of moments turn out to be through both the enchanting worlds of darkness and light."

Author: Amrita Pillai

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