The Existing Non-Existent

Author: Ashutosh Sharma


The cheerful dawn, lucent light,

display the bright world of truth.

They say,

We’d behold the gloomy night

to fill our trembling booth.

Though morning waves subside,

they say,

We’d conceal our dark intentions

beneath hostile high tides.

For them remnants are structures

the four seasons are prejudice.

They say,

We’d vilify the cultures

Where unity induces bliss.

Riding on colonial hypocrisy,

They say,

skill transmission is aghast

Occupation is but caste.

To divide the smriti of faith,

A transient system evanescent,

They say,

we’d use caste as bait;

imposters drift into the vent.

Valmiki, Kalidas and Tulsidas,

Caste was no barrier

Yet the vile political brass,

deluded the modest quarrier.

Do not assess the city

on vestiges of the past,

The irrelevant morbidity;

Fresh premises have amassed.


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