The House of Power

A city of scars and spells

A home burning, the fire taking everyone except one;

A child wiping the tears off their face, vowing to never cry till revenge was theirs.

A city of scars and spells: scarred people and dangerous spells

Dangerous people and scarring spells;

A pre-teen making their way to the Dense Forest for the very first time.

A city of scars and spells

Bruised knuckles and broken wands;

An almost adult heading out of the Dense Forest, unsure but ready.

A city of burning cuts and aching bodies,

Men, women, children, all out on the streets to see:

A vicenarian fighting his way toward the house that could never become a home.

A city of uncertainty and war

Another house burning, the fire taking none except one;

A man screaming for help, but none coming to save he who killed the Power.

A city of healing wounds and genuine smiles

The Power reinstated, the city rising from the ashes;

The House of Power finally a home.

Author: Zoyah Virani

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