The Illuminati

They pray to a God they cannot see and blame us for opening their eyes. They paint our truths to be Satan's traps. Then they burn our kind in the name of God?!

Well, if they think we are Satanic, then we shall show them hell! Our intellect shall be our weapon! Our secrecy shall be our shield! Our theories and proofs will force the people to wake up from this nightmarish life you have led them to believe is holy!

No God fancies war! That is a curse that man has bestowed on the world, not divinity. You call yourselves pious just because you hide your sins in white robes? Then we shall strip your facade away from you and drench you in red!

It is not what we preach, it is more about what we believe. We were given eyes to believe what we see; but then how are we supposed to believe in something we don't even see or feel? The illuminati was never an organisation who promoted wars, it was all just a myth.

Author: Iffah Peerzada and Charmee Purohit

Editor: Nandini Patil

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