The King of (Cracked) Hearts

Step by step I climb to my fall.

Hearing the noise of one and all,

Standing there to see me die.

King James the third of Zalterie!

All beautiful roses have their thorns,

But no angels come with horns.

So when they see bloody hands,

As in my arms laid the Queen of the Land,They think, "Oh Lord! The Queen is dead!

Now, now, off with King James' head!"

They trust the words of those who'd seen,

But never understood that I died with Jean.

But, oh today sweet freedom nears!

Let out the doves! Bring on the cheers!

For now I can finally go,

Where my lady love waits at shore.

And as I stand, noose 'round my neck

I found a face, so pale but set

And with my eyes staring at hers

I learned that Jean was a living curse

So with my dying breath I swore,

“All those that love someone will know,

What hurt and pain and sadness is

For only real love can brave this blitz.”

To all cracked hearts, hear ye, hear ye

Love only those that love to be

With you, near you, and most of all

The one who save you even if they fall.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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