The Last Edition

Dear Team,

I’m not really good at goodbyes. However, I know this one is due for more than one reason.

My first theme as the Content Writing Head was (being blunt) exhausting. I didn’t know the names of more than half of the team members, I had no user manual or logs per say. I felt like a new mother who is learning to take care of her new born baby but soon over time and tons of ‘tell me your name or else’ messages on the content group chat, I grew to love and balance my work.

I still remember being told that I’m crazy to run for this position. Well, I guess maybe I was, but now, I don’t regret it even a bit. Through my tenure, I met and got the opportunity to work with 70 amazing writers and 70 beautiful souls, each of whom are extremely talented. Maybe from a 3rd person point of view, someone would say I pampered you all too much, but hey, you can’t blame me. My team always made me proud. From repeatedly breaking records to always trusting me, even during the lows, you all had my back, always.

I vow that I will still continue to read and like all the pieces that go up on the site,just like the true number 1 fan I am. If anyone in the team turns out to become a blockbuster writer, just remember I better get a signed copy of the book! I promise to always have your back just like you all had mine.

As I finish off this letter, I feel like a mother whose kid is going off to college. From the first theme being your first steps, the third being the first words and the fifth being the first day of school, where and why did time run away so fast?

Signing off,

The crazy hyperactive & pan loving CWH

Anubhi Srivastava

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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