The Last Scene


I just want to know how.

How did you find the hatred to do such a thing?

When did that Void for a heart consume all your humanity?

How did you let yourself become this way? How did you become a monster?”

Her eyes- brimmed with tears- betrayed her stone-cold

. Her gown was a sweet, snow white; I say sweet because it belonged to her sweet lover.

Lorelai hated white. There was a time when she could never hate what Avalyn loved. That time was gone. So was Ava.

"Monster? Oh my, that's a compliment I never thought I'd get! How thoughtful of you! It's almost like you're in love with me!"

"..I'm not."

The calm in her voice would make Angel Dumah proud.

Lorelai tried not to think of the red. The blood. The rose. The dress. She hated all of those now. Things that once filled her with joy and love, now pricked her with pain and loss. She had started to hate a lot of things beloved to her today.

"Okay. Cut!!

Lori, sweety I need more hate ok? This person is the murderer of your (albeit fake) brother! You're looking at the reason for your anguish!"

“Oh, you have no idea”, Lorelai thought. Mr. Delin kept going on and on about "hate" and "passion" and all that. She nodded as he spoke. She looked around and took in the set one last time.

“I'm gonna miss this.” The thought whispered in her head, as she felt the fire of her scars flare again.

"....Got it? Okay great! Otherwise, you’re doing amazing! Also, Mohini? Dim the lights even more, and don't lose the 45 degree angle! Make her eyes light up with the fire that burns inside her heart and soul!! I know that you know what you’re doing, but I,” Mr. Delin paused,“I just need this to be perfect! Okay, here we go... LIGHTS? CAMERA? AAAAAND ACTION!!!"

"..I'm not."

The gravity of her voice motionlessly shook the air. Mr. Delin got goosebumps. He smiled like a child, and his eyes widened with excitement.

A chuckle filled the air as if mocking the intensity of Lorelai's denial.

"Huh, really? I mean, I could have sworn you were in love with me. Okay, riddle me this, what about that time when you got me that rose! In my favourite colour too! Oh and that dress? Gosh! I couldn't take my eyes off of you! But I gotta say, that white gown which you got me was The One... And I mean THE ONE! You really colour-coordinated my gifts, didn't you? And you were wearing red and on top of that! You gave me everything I’ve ever wanted, I just couldn't resist! I love how you know me so well!"

“Huh, that's not in the Script.”, Mr. Delun vaguely realised. Not that it mattered.He would happily invest double of what he already had to fit this scene into the movie.


Lorelai swayed in place.

Then she moved.

Closer to her.

Closer to her lover.

Closer to Avalyn.

"Suffer in Hell, my darling".


The crew on the set gasped. The tension, the dialogue delivery, the realness, the pressure, it was all too much! What brilliant acting!

Avalyn slowly moved away from Lorelai, her hand clutching her stomach. Her eyes wide open with physical pain and shock.

This “scene” felt familiar, why? She had made Lorelai bleed too, hadn’t she? The white rose was stained red from the blood. And now, her fingers were red too; and she knew. She fell to the floor with a thud, her lips quivering, her last breath leaving her.

"You can never hurt me again.”

Lorelai smiled.

Author: Iffah Peerzada

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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