The little things that give you power

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Amrita: "Mahira, listen na, I'm missing Blue Nile. Kal chale?"

Mahira: "Beta, there is a lockdown; hello, Earth to Amrita! :)"

Remember the times when we used to get biryani at half the price or when you used to go to the bazaar and get those silver jhumkas at a good bargain?

Little things like those are what give you power, don't they?

{A few days ago, we were contemplating about Power. What is power exactly? Authority, position? Oh well, this all is way too boring and serious, isn't it?

That's why we turned towards the little things that give us power.}

Mahira: “Amrita, what about your New Year resolutions? How are they coming along? It's been 7 months into this year so (ahem).”

Amrita: “Talking about New Year resolutions, I think it's a matter of pride and a feeling of power to maintain a resolution for at least two weeks, which if I may say so, I have successfully accomplished.”

Mahira: “Really, huh?”

Amrita: “Yup, just like that. What about you? Did you keep any resolutions, and of course, follow them?”

Mahira: “My life is just too much for a fourteen year old!” (moves hands dramatically)

Amrita: “Shut up, dude! I am just going to assume that you didn’t have any resolutions!”

Mahira: “Of course Amu, I did have resolutions. I wanted to master a piano piece- and I am talking about Beethoven here. Well, in a few weeks when you master stuff like Beethoven, the power which registers in your body is out of this world!”

Amrita: “Power, you say? You felt power by playing Beethoven?”

Mahira: “Of course I did! Why don’t you tell me about an incident when you felt powerful- as though you were on top of the world?”

Amrita: “I guess winning races against Nitya.”

Mahira: “Nitya? You do know she’s younger than you, right?”

Amrita: “So what? It’s called satisfying yourself. I bet you also feel ‘power’ when you argue and win against Samairaa?”

Mahira: “Well, ummm”(thinks deeply)

Amrita: “And technically she’s half your age!”

Mahira: “Whatever, this power is like dominance, you know? Winning against our sisters, who are as fragile as glass and as slender as flowers- ”

Amrita: “You have been paying attention in Literature class nowadays, huh?”

(us laughing like maniacs)

Mahira: “Talking about Literature, I do feel ‘power’ while reading as well.”

Amrita: “Please don’t say reading Harry Styles fanfiction in one day--”

Mahira: “How did you know that?”

Amrita: “You talk about Harry Styles fanfiction all the time! I read this Harry Styles fanfiction, I read that Harry Styles fanfiction- there are lots of things apart from him behen! I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him in your dreams-- ”

Mahira: “How did you--? Never mind” (A silence for some time)

(continues) Hmm, (in a sing-song manner) “Anyways, remember that shaadi we attended last year, the one at Mumbai?”

Amrita: “Yes- hey! Wait, that reminds me, since we’re talking about power, I think power to me is feeling like a princess while walking in those bade lehengas.”

Mahira: “Well, then, power to me is finding a pair of jeans that actually fit:)”

Amrita: (laughs) “I think that’s something every girl will agree with.

Listennn (the usual dramatic tone), you know I think I have a gift to open air tight jam bottles. It's like a feeling of great accomplishment.

Mahira: “Ughhh, Amritaaaa!”

Power can be found in the smallest of things- be it having a good hair day, drawing a perfectly straight line, getting more marks than the class topper, answering a tough Math problem and even taking candid pictures that actually look good!

Altering our favourite quote a bit, “Power can be found in the smallest of things but only if one chooses to see it.”

Dominance could yield position but the happiness from the little things that give you power, well, that’s just different, isn’t it?

Choose to find power in the smallest of things because hey, after all, it's the little things that matter the most:)

Authors: Amrita Pillai and Mahira Pathania

Editor: Himanshi Mehta

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