The lure of inflated egos and ditzy romance

Okay. Confession.

I find trashy reality TV pretty damn amazing. I mean, it’s perfect for every mood. Mad at your ex? Watch trashy reality tv and project onto the worst characters. Feeling sad? Watch trashy reality tv and feel smart. Want a break after a long day? Watch trashy reality tv and feel your stress dissolving. What can it not fix?

I don’t know why it gets such a bad reputation. Yes, it is ditzy, flashy, dramatic and occasionally cringey, but there's so much to love.

Firstly, there are always hot people. Watch it just for the eyecandy and stop complaining.

Secondly, there’s so much drama. It’s a well-known fact that drama is amazing as long as it’s not yours, and if you don’t admit that, then I’m sorry but you’re lying. Reality tv allows you to soak in bucketfuls of crazy, shoe-throwing, manic screeching drama from the comfort of your living room.

Thirdly, reality tv always makes you feel better about yourself. You switch it on, and in two minutes you're thanking God that you’re ugly so that you actually had to put in some effort to develop a personality. The sheer stupidity and hollowness exhibited by most reality tv contestants serves as a reminder of how much smarter and more interesting you are.

Fourth(ly)?, escapism. You’re transported to gorgeous beaches with poolside chairs or random nature locations with leeches if you like the other kind of reality tv. Either way, you get to enjoy people with over-inflated egos fighting about everything in picturesque locations. The gloriously addictive nature lets you get lost in a host of ‘Next Episode’ because you just HAVE to know what happens next.

Fifth, it fills the vacuum. By this I’m referring to that odd period when you want to watch something but you don't know exactly what and you’ve been browsing through recommendations for the past half an hour, feeling discontent. Try a reality show. You will never be disappointed. It just fills the vacuum so perfectly when you’ve finished your favourite show and you’re feeling a void, or when you have half an hour and want to kill time.

Anyway, you see my point. Trashy reality TV doesn’t take away from your smartness. I think it gives you that much needed time to turn off your brain. And sue me if I don’t want to watch a documentary about making artificial-intelligence-neuro-adapter-bio- somatic-clinical-organisms-scientific jargon at midnight while I snack on chips. Go be pretentious somewhere else, thank you. I will continue to watch The Bachelorette and Too Hot to Handle happily, with my priceless running commentary, if I do say so myself.

Author: Ananya Chaure

Editor: Aastha More

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