The Maddening Maniac

Trigger Warning: Mention of Blood and depictions of death

It wasn’t hard, it was a passion,

I slashed throats like getting ration

Oh the blood! Such a beautiful sight,

Just makes me think who might it be tonight!

Then soon I killed than woman in her bed

while her husband was outside, walking the pet

And then he saw us and tried to put me down

What a fool, he actually turned around.

And with that spilt moment I stabbed him through the neck

And I stood there and smiled as he bled to death.

And well, to mark it in a beautiful scene

I torched their dead bodies with gasoline

And in that warm bonfire I tossed their pet

For I'm sure they like hot dogs, now onto the next.

Oh what glee it brought to me,

To stab that boy behind that tree

And see his parents weep and weep as the paramedics took him out in a sweep.

But all in vain,

They saw him writhe in pain

He was dead, as dead as a boy could be

By my blessed hands he was set free.

This next one is my favorite,

For he tried to run and resist

And, I guess this one had brains

He's the first to escape my domain.

But of course, in an hour, he was back in the chair

Where you found him asphyxiated,

His legs chopped, in a corner somewhere

His face mutilated at which none could stare.

And now we come to my last final act,

The Grand finale of the Maddening Maniac!

People lay in a box airtight, beautifully carved with designs of my might;

Sealed with perfection and lined with dynamite.

Where with every passing minute

the air gets pulled out their lungs, their souls along with it.

Now I don't do deals very often,

But I'll give you the key to The Coffin

But only if I walk free,

And keep adding to my killing spree.

Authors: Iffah & Rajvardhan Salunke

Editor: Anubhi Srivastava

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