The Magic of Mind

I don't think Phoenixes and Mermaids are myths. Unicorns, Griffins, Dragons, Fairies, all these wonderful creatures that we think are made-up, actually exist.

Maybe not in our inferior, material world, but simply imagining them into being is good enough. That's how we got Harry Potter and all our other wonderworlds! They are all just ‘made-up’ too!

But so are all the wonderful things of life. Every invention is born from innovation, which in turn is sparked by imagination!

Every architectural wonder, every ingenious device, every piece of art, every movie and book, every folk tale and every beautiful song, they all create a little something. They all add to the universe within our brains.

Since all these things affect us in some way or the other, they exist. The emotions, ideas, scenarios, stories and even coping mechanisms that ‘made-up’ things create are real! Real in the sense that they change you, the way you feel things or the way you look at things!

If a figure of fiction has the power to change something within you, I think it's right to say that it exists.

If I think that Peryton (Google it) exists, then it does! It does in my head, and that is enough.

This is just another application of:

“I think, therefore I am.”

Author: Iffah Peerzada

Editor: Vedant Vaswani

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