The memories bring you back

Nostalgia is something I have felt a few times in my life, yet the feeling is just so comforting, soothing, and is basically my happy place. Everyone goes through that feeling, the one that gives you goosebumps and butterflies in your stomach. It's such a warm feeling to have. One keeps on making memories without even realizing it, and then later on, recollecting and looking at it as a flashback which is just so refreshing.

Those were the days which perhaps cannot ever return. Everything just feels magical when you are in the moment, it seems to be perfect. It feels so surreal when one has to leave their school and step into the outside world, leaving all the memories behind which cannot be relived - the teachers whom we won't meet anytime soon, or even in the future; and of course, the fun, the drama, bunking classes, getting punished and so on, the list may never end. Maybe 10 years down the line when there might be a reunion, and all of us may be together again, I am sure then the memories will come flooding in our minds. Even meeting each other after that long span of time, seeing each other's faces and realizing that so much has changed that we would be unaware of - it will definitely feel nostalgic.

I once remember winning a medal in gymnastics at the State Level, and how happy everyone was around me. It definitely was an unexpected win, it took so long for me to achieve that. While receiving it on stage, standing there, as I remembered the efforts and time I had put in, and realizing how far I’d come - it all felt like it was meant to have happened. Nostalgic as it felt, I had made my parents proud.

Be it a bunch of friends meeting after so long, or them reunited after a terrifying fight, the nostalgia of reuniting after so long just gives goosebumps. They have those smiles on their faces because they know that now, nothing can destroy their friendship.

Everyone goes through some feelings of nostalgia or other in different zones of their life, but what is important, is to cherish those moments in the present itself, forever and ever.

Author: Khushi Shah

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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