The Only Ones Who Live

Growing up sucks.

You learn all the realities of life.

You learn what racism and sexism is.

You see it happen,

You learn about current wars and shooting that just don't make sense to you.

You learn that going to school is the only way to move forward, regardless of its damage,

You pray you are not raped, and that there is no queue for your favourite roller coaster.

You then pray that your biggest problem is riding a roller coaster quicker and not how many times you should burn your body to feel clean again.

I hate growing up.

Because it means accepting and slowly going numb to the decaying and depressing world we have created.

Being an adult is internalising:

Shit happens.

Move on.

And that is why we can only find peace when we're dead.

So here's to all children that died before they were numb.


You are the only ones who live.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Chinmai Gokule

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