The Other Half

Updated: Oct 18

The hall was filled with people who were ecstatic and excited for the ceremonies scheduled for the day. The wedding had been planned for a long time now, and when it was finally happening, everybody was overjoyed with emotion. “Mira ki shaadi ho rahi hai!”, “Usey toh kabhi shaadi karni nahi thi, par acha hai kar rahi hai”. Under the blazing hot March sun, the little girls were roaming around in their lehengas, with teenagers clicking pictures for their social media, adults gossiping about Rahul ki naukri, and the gluttonous people filling up their bellies, “Arey shaadiyan hamesha nahi hoti, khaane do”. But the main center of attention was Mira, sitting patiently in a floral lehenga, stretching her hands out for the mehendi to be applied. Everybody was busy with their activities, missing out on a voice, shouting “Hello!” from the main stage.

“Um, hello everyone,” said a voice. It was Neha, Mira’s younger sister. Most of the people didn’t look up at her, whereas some left what they were doing and looked up at her.

“This is way more important than the chaat in your plate, so I need a little attention,” she said after waiting for the crowd to look at her.

“Okay, yes thank you!” she said, noting the people who were putting down their chaat plates, eyeing her with dislike.

“For those of you who don’t know me, I am Neha, Mira’s younger sister- a.k.a her mom who protects her from all trouble from our biological mom,” she said, with her mother giving ‘the look’.

“As you all are aware, Mira’s wedding is in two days from now, which means we, as the desi family that we are, are going to waste your money on extra clothing for the upcoming functions that we have organized,” she said bluntly. Mira laughed lightly, while the others erupted in laughter.

“I was always known as the one who was extra, and here I am being extra, thanks to me being a Leo” she shrugged her shoulders, smiling slightly.

“Mira had always been the shy kid in class; she never used to stand up for any competitions. This person right here,” she said eyeing Mira “Knew how to play the guitar, but never volunteered in the school competitions. Thanks to me, her husband is going to marry her because she can play!” Neha said coolly. Mira eyed her playfully, which said that she needed to be honest right now.

“No, no, that was a joke! Please don’t sue me for saying that!” she laughed, eyes crinkling.

“Well today, my other half is about to get married, and here I am standing in heels, which I don’t even need for my height, jeez,” she said, removing the strap of her heels and throwing them in the corner. Mira nodded her head, laughing at the action by Neha.

“Anyway, Mira, all jokes apart, you are an amazing person, a soulmate, a friend, a mom sometimes,” she laughed, as memories came rushing into her head “But above all, you are an amazing sister, which I know you learned from me!”

“See, here’s the thing. I don’t like speeches, I especially don’t like emotional speeches, because they make you cry and I don’t have any Piscean friends to talk to,” she said, which was followed by laughter from the crowd. “But I have learned to be a better person, whilst being with you Mimi, and I absolutely love you for that. No matter how many fights we’ve had, no matter how you used to pull my hair if I didn’t listen to you, no matter how annoying your friends used to be,”, she looked at her “You always were with me, till the end of time and you will always be there,” she finished grinning happily at her sister. There was silence for some time, which was followed by the crowd laughing and crying. Mira came running up to Neha, and cried in her arms- she knew she was leaving her other half behind, and she was going to miss her.

Author: Mahira Pathania

Editor: Anika Priyaranjan

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