The Perfect Lyrics

She heard you,

All the taunts sung in sync

Oh, how they echoed.

It started with a simple chorus of laughter,

Stuck on loop for hours

All that ever took to trigger the play button.

Every time someone stepped close,

The keys of insecurities played in her heart

You weren’t always singing in her head.

She used to hum another tune

A melody of joy,

High notes carried her smile.

You ripped and shredded her musical notes,

Still she sung,

She sang to the beats of your normal.

One day her voice cried,

Singing to the heavens above.

You heard her truly for the first

And last time that day.

Was the genre she belonged to

That off tune to your ordinary?

She was the harmony, yet

Why did the perfect lyrics matter so much?

Author: Anubhi Srivastava

Editor: Prisha Budhiraja

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