The Petal to my Flower

I am not one atom,

I am a bazillion and a couple more atoms,

I am every atom united,

I am the molecules they become,

The compounds they form,

The reactions and products they kindle.

Yet, I am more.

I am more than the atoms that make me,

I am more than the earth, water, fire, wind and space that create my body,

I am a physical and mental identity.

A bodily and spiritual entity.

I am not one person,

I am all the people I pretend to be molded and fashioned into one,

I am all my hopes and dreams,

I am all my likes and dislikes,

I am all my tastes and allergies,

I am all my pains and happiness,

My joys and my sorrows,

My anger and my calm,

My anxiety and my fears,

My confusion and my zeal,

I am all of it

Fused into one.

I am not one string of thoughts,

I am thousands of strings of thoughts,

I am a million more ideas,

I am the people I make up and the things I tell them,

I am the stories I write and the books I read,

I am the words I slide my eyes across,

I am the lies I cook up at night,

I am chaos in its truest form.

But, of course, every creator is.

I am the beginning, middle and end of my story,

The main character in my life,

I am all the people around me,

Their thoughts and their opinions,

Their ideas and their behaviour,

My identity is spelled by not only my thoughts and emotions,

But those of the ones around me as well.

Every day, I discover myself again,

I learn new things about who I am,

Then, I unlearn and learn once more.

I think that just like the petals are crucial to a flower,

Our identity is essential to our being.

So I hope before the day comes,

When my body is to be burned,

I realise who I am,

I figure out what it is that makes up my identity, I understand what the petal is to my flower.

Author: Saptaparna Chakraborty

Editor: V.R. Kapse

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