The Prince and the Nymph

Onyx black hair, emerald green eyes,

He tries his best to travel in disguise.

Perfect round lips, long and scarred fingers,

What can I say? He liked to tinker.

Faerie following, elixir drinking,

His eyes were almost always twinkling.

Flower crown making, tall tree climbing,

Out in the forest, he spent his time writing.

Awaiting her arrival, writing sad poetry;

Waiting for her always made him feel lonely.

She was stunning, a nymph from the lake, Whenever they were apart, his heart would ache.

An unexpected meeting, an unexpected relationship;

Alas, they had always been one doomed ship.

An unapproving family, unapproving friends,

Their love, however, would finally transcend.

A forest clearing, a small ceremony;

The court priest officiated their matrimony.

Twirling around, slow dancing,

The environment was truly enchanting.

Crinkling eyes, happy smiles,

They ended up together for the rest of their lives.

A water nymph and her forest prince,

There has been no greater tale since.

Author: Anika Garg

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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