The Proposal

He turned around, his silly sunglasses dangling above his nose. Suddenly, music started playing. It was her friends playing all of her favourite instruments. The sunset cast shadows across his face, orange and red lights dancing in his eyes. She glanced at the deep blue ocean as its waves softly hit her feet. She turned to see him down on one knee, a beautiful ruby ring in his hands. Tears were pouring down his face but he hid it with his sunglasses and a wide grin. "Will you-" his voice cracked. At least he could speak. She felt a lump in her throat. She couldn't believe that this was finally happening but she wasn't able to speak. He lowered his head in shame, unable to ask her a question which would change their lives forever. She knelt down in front of him and held his hands tightly. She nodded and he understood the message. They realised that there was no need for words when they knew exactly what would happen. Also because there were no words they could say which expressed their emotions as intensely as they felt them. They stared at each other, smiling and bawling their eyes out. As he put on the ring on her finger with a fiery red ruby gleaming in sunlight, her friends cheered. They stood up and he grabbed her waist. Before she could even smile, he pulled her closer and they were kissing. Just two silhouettes in front of the vast blue sea, kissing. Destiny had fated them together, tied them into a bond forever…

Author: Mrudul Shah

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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