The Queen of Time

I love to hear the crying wolf

When winter moon is here

I love to hear the singing birds

As the sunlight disappears.

I find my calm in stars around

In the night, my serenity,

The glowing fireflies reminding me

Of all that’s never been.

The buds that burned

In the forest fires,

The seeds that died before

They grew higher.

The baby deer was gone before

It could run till its limbs became sore.

Fall makes leaves fall and leave

And spring brings back the buds

New cubs and litters when I see

With joy my heart is flooded.

I see all things that are today

I think of all that's lost and stray

I frown when crows and blood I see

I smile at the singing canary.

And as the sun rises again,

I make my daily prayer

May nature thrive forevermore

And earth ne'er lose it's layers.

For all I can do is watch and pray

That is my blessing and curse

I am the Queen of time they say,

Yet no loss I can reverse.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Durva Shesh

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