The Rain

I find peace in the rain:

I love the way the drops run down your skin

I love the way it falls on your eyes,

And washes away all your sins.

I can hear it outside the window:

The water gushing down the roof

It's too quiet, don't you think?

The rain, me, and you.

The rain-water is seeping through the wood

Making a pool around us on the floor

I can see your wet hair glistening in the evening sun,

Your eyes staring at the door.

The pitter patter gets me smiling

I flip you on your side to face me

Your light brown eyes are wide open,

A sight truly beautiful to see.

What's with that look of horror?

The fear burning in your eyes.

Stop frowning my dear,

I move your lips up in a smile.

I roll back onto my back,

Enjoying the thunder and the storm

I recall what I'd seen you doing here earlier,

Meeting that boy, who is now long gone.

Oh, only if you hadn't lied!

Only if you had been honest with me

You wouldn't have a knife in your back

And I wouldn't need the rain to find my peace.

Author: Charu Sabharwal

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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