The Red Seal

The room glitters like golden melted pots of honey and the drapes are thrown around with a wild fury; made of silk and satin, reflecting the starry night sky.

It doesn’t make sense. How could it ? She runs her fingers over the blood red seal upon the letter, her eyes dancing with confusion.

The entire ballroom is alight with fanciful lamps. Golden and ruby drapes are scattered across the ceilings. Her eyes catch a movement behind one of the drapes, is it the breeze? The frescoes painted on every alternate drape and the walls seem to glimmer under the soft moonlight flaming from the open ceiling. Stars paint the sky in a haphazard fashion and it looks as if they might spill into the room.

The violin is playing in the background and she can’t seem to stop her hips from swaying slightly. Her mind is more troubled, thus not allowing her to enjoy the enchanting music which makes her feel the wind across her face. She wishes she could dance tonight, but this is far more important.

She forces her attention back to the letter. Under the flames, the seal seems to be made of blood and moonshine. It terrifies her to her very core. This is not the first time. Her hand stills on the corner of the seal, tracing the initials as familiar to her as her own. There is a commotion as the royal guard announces a lord. Although she’s too busy to notice it, her nose picks up a familiar scent.

She turns sharply to look across the ballroom, and there he is. Her breath catches in her chest as she inadvertently lunges forward. A slow smirk stretches across his face and she knows. She’s not leaving the court alive today.

Author: Himadri Krishna

Editor: Amrita Pillai

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