The rollercoaster ride of 2020

Author: Palak Pardeshi


"3...2...1..., Happy New Year!

Let's welcome the new decade!", exclaimed January

"View things through rose-coloured glasses,

seize each and every moment, make merry!"

"I've got surprises for you",

February came in with a wicked smile;

"Novel coronavirus will be the cause of a global pandemic",

read a health organization's research file.

"Tired of your boring routine?

Let's give you a long break, what say?";

March arrived with a vacation,

a vacation long enough to keep antagonists away.

"Quarantine, covid-19, social distancing,

sanitization, masks, precautions and health";

April barged in with the entourage of words,

making me aware of my modest linguistic wealth.

"Hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday", chuckled May, "

Adapt, adjust, cook, clean, hustle, help";

At times even an introvert like me cannot bear a house arrest,

realised my (anti)social self.

"I hope I am not late", hurried June,

just within the blink of an eye;

Battling unwanted thoughts and those soaring anxiety levels,

awake and alone, I continued to sigh.

"Am I audible to everyone?", asked July,

"Should the lesson be completed in a rush or taken slower?";

Just a delay of moment in answering,

and the month was already over.

"Hobbies and self love to your rescue!",

August arrived with a grin from ear to ear;

"Keep yourself involved in little things,

and all your sorrows shall disappear."

"How about gardening? Or is baking fine with you?"

asked September with a lot of affection and care;

"Explore yourself, take a dive within you,

because you are something unique and rare."

"Hold my hand, let's go back to your good old days" ,

October came reminiscing jubilant memories;

Photo albums and family time brought back my childhood,

that backyard, that swing, those maple leaves and oak trees.

"The vaccine will be out anytime,

mother nature has healed and so will you";

November made me discover my real self,

and it was worth all the hardships I've been through.

"No wonder happiness comes from within", said December,

"It's all in the mind, you see";

A startling, distinctive, happy and sad rollercoaster ride,

that is what the year 2020 has been for me.


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