The Sea, The Cloud and The Watch Mountain.

(NOT a nature story)

"Remind me why setting my favourite book on fire was necessary?"

"Oh you know, just wanted to heat things up"


Samara sniggered and said as she washed her hands that were dripping with kerosene, "I never understood how you can care for a watch mountain, of all things. What made you think I would be good to you?"

"Well my dear mighty watch mountain, you did save my life. But you’re right, that's obviously just common decency." Neil said, looking up The Secret Garden on Amazon to replace the black pile of ash and paper.

It was a beautiful evening, despite the stormy clouds, and both of them were sitting on 'The Bench' on top of the hill at the end of town that they had always sat on for the last 5 years.

* Neil *

Ever since Samara's brother Yam had drowned, she has been setting things on fire. It's been SAMARA SEE?? SAMARA BURN! for some time now. She hadn't cried for him even once.

She did burn herself on purpose some months ago with the most nonchalant "Ehh, why not?". I laughed like hell that day, and so did she. Ever since that day whenever someone says "Samara, you are on fireeee!" I can't help but stifle a laugh and she just rolls her eyes on me.

She burns either her stuff or mine, so I wasn't surprised to see my book in smithereens but something was off today.

She was trembling a bit.

She had always been a tough person. I would know, she bullied all my bullies. Now, however, she was rather harmless. She would kill for you if she cared about you. And also kill you if you breathed wrong. Except for that, she was a total saint.

She watched as the sun left her again and she... she seemed tired. She always did when she let her guard down, which meant only I have seen her like that. Me and Yam.

She took in a very deep breath like she had just been drowning with Yam too, and she started walking home.

"Hey, come here and pay for this" I said, as I opened the payment webpage on Amazon for my book.

She knew that I know her bank account password (I've told her so many times to not tell me, but as usual she's deaf to my words), but she knew I am always 'fussy' about money (as she puts it) so she came back and jabbed in the keywords.

As she began to move away again I suddenly held her hand.....because I wanted to die.

She froze and glared at me and I prayed to God to protect all my loved ones and made my peace with death because I was not gonna make it out alive. And YET..... I did not let go.

Then, to dig my grave further (obvious move considering I have no brains), I started... singing.

~And I~

~I can feel the pull begin~

~Feel my conscience wearing thin~

~ And my skin~

~ It will start~

~ To break up and fall apart~

This was the pre-chorus of one of our favourite songs. A heart-breakingly wonderful song called Fall Away from 21 pilots. She knew the lyrics and she had a much better voice than mine, though she would never notice it, much less admit it.

There was a calm pause, like we had reached the eye of the storm. We didn't break eye-contact and the fear in me subsided. Then....she sang :

~La ra ra ra, I don't wanna fall, fall away~

Her grip tightened.

~ La ra ra ra, I don't wanna fall, fall away~

Her eyes gleamed in the waning sun

~ La ra ra ra I will keep the lights on in this place~

Was she tearing up?!

~ La ra ra ra ra I don't, I don't wanna fall away~

More silence. Then I embraced her. With all the love that ever existed in this universe and with the softness of...well, a cloud!

She shivered and pushed back at first and I did not resist, nor did I completely let go. She gradually stopped pushing back. I heard my soul shatter as she silently sobbed in my arms, in such an uncontrolled, raw and jagged way that I cried too.

We stayed like that till the sky was dark enough for the stars. Once she calmed down, I said

" It's alright Samara, say it"

"...... I miss him..."

Today was Yam's first death anniversary.

I softly smiled and kissed her forehead as I moved away. She got goosebumps all over with disgust and wiped it off. Again... not surprised. But I made the Watch Mountain confess. I am so going to rub this in her face till the end of time.


(Inner voice as they were walking home)


Also I have to put a ring on it before someone steals my prey..



Name meanings you should know :

Samara - WATCH MOUNTAIN/ guardian/protected by God.

Neil - CLOUD/passionate/victory/honour/champion.

Yam - SEA/reed/god of the sea.

Author: Iffah

Editor: Riya Pote

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