Her royal blue eyes glittered in the dark, the side of her mouth cheekily raised. She knew that he couldn’t get enough of her. The candles glowed dimly in the dark room. They call her the devil, for she has the power of seduction. The gift of Aphrodite and the desire of Eros. For those who get lost in her deep navy eyes glowing like sapphires, fail to return from the chaos they hold.

The orange flames rose higher within his body as his judgement was clouded by temptation. His mind tried to focus on the task at hand but his heart desired a different sustenance, it needed to be satisfied by things that he was warned about. They told him over-indulgence was unhealthy, but the temptation was almost as powerful as that of Apollo’s rays.

Born with an insatiable appetite for destruction, she decided to take on the world. Blood red nails and a ruby smile, she decided to make Lyssa her guide. Scarlet flames carved her path as she filled the rivers with the blood of her enemies. She didn’t want their money, or their crown. She just wanted to burn their kingdom down.

I don't need any effort, for what is right is often forgotten by what’s convenient. I run away from duties and obligations, thinking of a light blue sky with slow variations. I am indifferent to emotions, trapped in the calm cobalt waters set in stone. Aergia herself bows down to me, for maybe a blind eye to every contemptible act makes me less of a man.

More is all I think, more is all I can say! They told me the sky was the limit, but I crave what lies beyond that. The dream was to have rooms with piles of yellowish-gold coins, and to wear crowns adorned with topaz gems as I walked through the lanes; as I imagined the great Zeus would have done in his yellow helmet. Who cares if I have that now, honestly all I really want is more!

Hairflips and a god like personality, partnered with high horses and lavender silk robes. Her life was what she considered better than others. She spent hours looking at her beauty in every reflective surface. Some said she was the successor of Narcissus and a curse was bestowed upon her vain self, that like a high maintenance orchid she disregarded anything that was beyond her little bubble of perfection.

I am a dragon that slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive. I am a veil of deception, sugar-coated with sweet lies, for just like Phthonos, I can't bear to see you with a life better than mine. I bet your grass always looks greener, through those emerald eyes, and I desire nothing more than to make all you have mine.

Authors: Charu Sabharwal &Nathania Do Rego

Editor: Krisha Raut

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