The Sins

Zeus and Aphrodite’s lust

Hades and his greed

Poseidon and Ares’ wrath

Hera and her envy.

Dionysus’ gluttony,

Athena’s pride

Hermes and his sloth.

Here are the Seven Sins,

The seven deadly sins of myths and folklore

Embodied in the Gods themselves.

If the Gods too have their sins,

What makes you believe that you are perfect?

What makes you think that you are the best?

You too are made from the myths and beyond.

You too are made from the myths and beyond,

Made from stardust and life

You too are proud and angry,

Jealous and lazy;

You too embody sloth and gluttony,

You too long for companionship and lust.

You too are a child of the universe.

Author: Zoyah Virani

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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