the snowglobe on our window sill

they danced in a snowglobe- round and round,

until one day, she decided to break out.

Friday date, and you're late.

why won't you look at me babe?

can't we just pretend for a day?

to this lost love, i still pray,

because followers are easily led astray

and all my attempts are like half- burnt cigarette buds on an ashtray.

kiss me through the chaos please,

but after every fight, you slam the door and take the keys.

Withdrawal from the only drug i've ever known

I can feel it all crumbling down, right in my bones

Cherry blossoms,

under the ocean.

We promised to swim across,

but you couldn't take all the commotion.

I dove too deep,

and now the weight of everything is pushing me down.

They say what you sow, that you reap

but, i never asked for daisies and a frown.

Everything's a mess


I'm tearing off this dress.

I'm so close to the threshold,

all the glasses raised to this crossroad.

Should I fight to the death?

I don't have any armour left

I threw them to the waves, the day you left me obsessed.




Hand in hand,

let's cry in glory

4 am

i'm sipping on this wine, alone

on the couch.

You're dreaming in bed,

but do you still ever dream of me - your home

or is it time for you to move out of town.

The ghost of the past

said that we would last,

the day it visited me

while I was reminiscing by the window sill.

The autumn breeze was coated with a slight chill.

A blank canvas sleeps next to me

and I had my name right at the bottom.

It used to be a portrait of flamboyancy.

Just two cowards

who gave up when things got hard.

I leave behind a few flowers

and take in the scent of all the memories we had.

I made my move, we lost our kings.

I'm heading out now with my suitcase and all my things.

Author ~ Gayathri Nair

Editor ~ Rashi Badiye

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