The Strings of Time

I have seen the wonders of the ancient world,

I have seen how they break, I have seen how they whirl.

In the cyclone of time, they turn into dust

As sure as the flood, as sure as the iron rusts.

Slowly but surely, worlds will break

As ties of people, dissolve and dissipate

Into an abyss so deep, even ink is not as dark

An abyss that even daring souls, shiver to embark.

Yet if you peer down, at the bottom of the pit

You will see a faint light, seemingly dimly lit.

That, my friend is a trick of the eye,

That light is brighter than the sun, brighter than the dawn’s high.

For there we see, the rebirth of the world

By a tailor unknown, the strings are twirled

They are broken, they are joined, they end and they meet

As sure as the river’s flow, as sure as the child’s playful deceit.

The bonds that you make are really something pretty

With family, friends, or with the lover you fancy.

Compared to the wonders, they seem rather small,

But like the destruction of the world, they are also joined in all.

Joined with the strings that weave and twine

These bonds will form again, with new people this time

In another world, another reality, another universe, another normality

Another beautiful minimalistic friendship, gifting each other with no frugality.

Know in your heart that the end of all things man made

Is not true, it is just a trance

Where you will be woven into another form.

Who knows what bonds you will be happy with, over which you will mourn?

Yet, take care of the ties you make

For these ones are not fake

As they are made by a past self of your own caliber

So don’t be a dodger, do not be your own challenger.

Keep these ties close and safe

For who knows what bonds, your other self may create.

Author: Aditya Iyengar

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