The Transition From School To College

Going to college holds a special place in all students' hearts. For the past 18 years, most of us have had almost the same routine; get up, attend school or classes, play, complete homework, and then off to bed. College promises to drastically change this monotonous timetable.

The one factor about college that we have fantasized about forever is freedom. The fact that we will be responsible for ourselves, for better or for worse, is very enticing. What most of us ignore in this situation is the fact that with freedom comes responsibility. We’ve always had parental figures to coddle us or at the very least correct us when we are going astray. The burden of telling us what’s right or wrong every single time we make a decision has now been transferred from our parents to us; and while this might seem daunting at first, it is the way of life.

This freedom, and of course the attached responsibility, teaches us more about life and how to live it than any course you might take up at college. If used properly, it gives you the chance to live life on your terms which is an unparalleled feeling. There will be good and bad influences around every corner; we will have to learn which people to trust and which habits to avoid. After all, you are free as long as you know that you are morally responsible for everything you do.

I wish all my present and future college students the best of luck for all their endeavours. You will undoubtedly have the best years of your life as you mature from a kid to an adult.

All the best.

Writer: Rishikesh Panda

Editor: Eeshpal Singh

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