The Utopian Dream

My head just reels,

Because I know how that young girl feels,

To be told ‘you don’t belong’,

To be told ‘you are always wrong’,

To be told ‘never were you wished for by our kith’,

To be told ‘you will always be a misfit’,

And to walk away with a smile,

As that’s just how it’s been for a while.

My eyes just truly pain,

Watching that teenage girl run around in vain,

Trying to fit in with the elite crowd,

Only to find her voice subdued by those people loud.

Trying to hide her hideous scars,

And lock her true self in a place far,

Trying to cover up all the flaws,

So that she is deemed worthy by society’s laws.

My ears screen the sound,

When I hear tales of the lady bound,

Locked away in a room dark,

So that no one can see her potential’s spark,

Dissevered by the oppugners in ways unimaginable,

To earn off the streets and save them the trouble,

And then sold to a man unknown,

Who hurls her into a state of being torn.

My heart breaks and it aches,

For the woman who puts everything at stake,

Only to be disrespected for her position,

Only to be denied her well-deserved promotion,

Only to be ridiculed for sitting at home,

Only to be treated as a liability in her own dome,

And what be the reason?

That she is a girl, a lady, a woman!

Trust me- sexism is a bane,

And chauvinism is just another pain,

Misogyny should be side-lined,

And toxic femininity must be to the past confined,

These are the vices which shackle our world,

These are the sins which restrain mankind.

I say, treat us women with respect,

I say, treat us right,

Support us in life’s every aspect,

Support us to have a future bright,

So, join hands now and take the pledge,

For feminism is about equity, we don’t have a grudge.

Author: VR Kapse

Editor: Adwita Chaure

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