The Winter Ballerina

Updated: Jun 30, 2021


The lights turned into moonlight

the rhythm started it’s recite

As she attracted the spotlight

She felt a force around her

Like she’s sinking deep into the sea

Swirling down in wild

Wonderfully twirling

In the pool of destiny

Twisting her in a glorious form

Her feet dance like they’re floating on air

She twirled

like a fragile snowflake in the sky

She saw her mother

gleaming as bright as the night stars

A smile like no other; then she saw them

They who see a prefect girl who dances, clothed in lace

Their eyes which dont think and their minds which don't see

For underneath those slippers like glass

Are bruises and scars that turned her skin hard like brass

As she landed as graceful as ever in her his arms

Her white gown now red

She sighed in satisfaction, the pain subsided by his charms

In his arms she fell asleep

For after winter comes summer

When all snow melts

They say it was her choice

that she welcomed death

thought little do they know

The winter ballerina was killed

By none other than perfection

She didn’t welcome death rather she volunteered


Author: Anubhi S Editor: Tamanna Verma

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