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31st December 2020, Sunday, 11:55 pm.

It was another dark night for young Sasha. Well, not the typical starry night where one gazes up at the magnificent rays of the moon, feels the silence, and snuggles into a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a good read in another. Not just nights, but all evenings, afternoons, and even mornings were equally dark for Sasha.

Lying on her bed in her 10 by 12 room, smelling of lavender, (which probably were black in colour for her), she aimlessly tossed around another torn page of her braille physics textbook, thinking to herself about how she had survived another year, like the others in the last 13 years of her blind-life. She found no point in living anymore or making her life “colourful”, yet the thought of death scared her no lesser than it scares any other person. Young Sasha was tired of all the pain and bullying that she had to face every single day because she lacked one of the most important sensory organs. She got up and started punching her worn out teddy bear. Just then, she heard the noise of her parents' footsteps nearing her room. Within the next second, they walked in and exclaimed “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” handing her an envelope.

Exasperated, Sasha burst out into tears and started ranting, “Nothing’s going to be new for me, it’s all going to be the same, I’m tired of living a life where I can only touch and hear, but can never even imagine what things actually look like! I’ve always longed to see how miraculously the 7 colours of the rainbow merge, how majestically the sun sets and the moon adorns the night starry sky, how the peacock exquisitely dances in the rain with its feathers wide open, how beautiful maa looks in her kanjivaram saree and how equally handsome paa looks in his suits.”

Before Sasha could say anything more, her mother clasped her hand and drew her close to her bosom.

Her mother said, “My love, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to your dad and me! God does everything for a reason and so he sent you to paa and me so that we could become your eyes and show you the whole world. You might have not seen the sun rise everyday, but I have seen you rise above all your fears. You might have not seen the starry night, but I’ve seen you peek inside people’s hearts and understand their deepest, darkest desires. I’ve seen you do wonders, my child! Never think of yourself as any less! Now please wipe off your tears and open the envelope in your hand, we indeed have something very special for you!” With her sweaty palms, Sasha began opening the tear-smeared envelope, it was a piece of paper which had something written in braille. She felt the top and read out loud ‘EYE FOR AN EYE HOSPITAL’ feeling the paper further she read, 'Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi, we are very pleased to inform you that a pair of donated eyes are finally available for Sasha Oberoi. We promise to get her eyesight back. Appointment is scheduled on 1st of Jan 2021 at 11:00 am. Thank you.' Sasha couldn’t believe what she had just felt. Tears of joy started rolling down her eyes. That one thing for which she had longed for, was finally happening, the impossible was going to be made possible soon. Just when the caterpillar had thought her time was over, she was going to become a butterfly and fly. New year’s dawn had brought a new beginning for Sasha, her parents, her eyes and the whole world.


Author: Shreshtha Editor: Eeshpal

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