The Wretched and the Queen

She wanted to be their hero,

She wanted to be their saviour,

"But that isn't your job your majesty,

We don't accept this kind of behaviour."

So to another country, she was sent,

To live with her so-called Prince.

She stood there, watching the world pass by,

And people had forgotten her ever since.

The wars came along, her kingdom won,

Her prince toasted to the victory undone,

She stood there smiling in a trance,

Eagerly waiting to pull out her gun.

She hated them for abandoning her,

She hated them for underestimating her power.

But today was the day this all changed,

She thought, staring out of her tower.

The news came along in the morning,

Oh, the Prince was found dead in his room,

Who was going to lead the Kingdom now?

The people waited for their impending doom.

She fought for the crown and got her throne,

She had big plans for her land alone,

But first she wanted revenge,

So she took the war back home.

Soldiers bled and buildings fell,

Her laugh echoed through the fire.

The life around her burned in flames,

Contending her heart’s desire.

The people begged her for mercy,

They didn't want her to be the one they served,

She looked at them with stone-cold eyes and replied,

"I'll give the wretched world the queen they deserve."

Author: Charu Sabharwal

Editor: Ishwari Tilekar

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