They are coming for you

Trigger warning : descriptive and disturbing account of trauma.


Close the door, little one.

They are coming for you.

If someone knocks on the door

Ignore it, it might be them.

If you feel like going out, don’t.

Control your urges ‘cause at the end of the day,

Only a man gets away with acting on his desires.

If you feel like screaming, put your hands over your mouth.

If they hear it they won't let you out.

How does it feel to be trapped?

With your hands pinned behind your back, at the hour of dawn when everything falls apart.

Wait, don't answer that, your words don’t hold any value here; it's better to keep shut and accept that this is the reality you will be living for a very long time.

Because it's better to hold in your scream than to be rotting on the side of a road, unknown, right?

Do you feel the terror

everyday while looking in the mirror?

What's the most terrifying thing you ask?

It's the way you were taught to live, always in fight or flight.

Normal is the tremor you feel,

the fears you have, the demons you deal.

You pretend to be on a call whenever you take a cab and yet everyone asks you why are all men trash?

What do you have to say for yourself, little one?

Do you have any words to describe how you feel?

It's funny you asked, I didn't know my words had any value here.

Well now that you have I might as well answer them.

Yes it feels like a punishment to be who I am,

I am others’ property and others’ honour

A trophy in a corner, in dust and disgust.

I fear that the next picture in the headlines will be mine,

Oh wait I forgot it's difficult to top in a list of 90 rapes which happen everyday and night.

I don't even feel like I was thrown into the dark. I guess I was buried

there, long ago, even before I was born.

Yes, all men are not trash but I have been harassed more times than I know of,

Because we, as people, don't even know that even the most minor act can be labeled as harassment

Again, when everything is said and done I still need to lock my door

And look out for possible rapists on my way to work everyday.

So it doesn't really matter if I say, that I fear the world and its dirty work

Because in the end, I am responsible to keep myself safe, and it is my job not to

Invite people to rape me, because, at the end of the day they will be coming for me.


Author: Jia Bakshi Editor: Suditi Mukadam

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