They call me a people pleaser

They call me a people pleaser

A sucker for others’ happiness

They call me that friend

Who is always present when in need

They call me a mother

Who always puts her people before herself

They call me a fighter

Who always fights for the justice of her people

They call me a lover

Who loves each and every person unconditionally.

They called me a bitch

Who tried to speak up for herself

They called me a slut

When I was just looking for love

They called me selfish

When I just wanted to accomplish my dream

They called me a whore

Who is only in love with herself

They called me names..

But they never called me by my name.

And when I'm broken

They call me weak; a crybaby

But they never care to know why..

And hey, remember to never let that break you, love.

For you are a people pleaser.

Author: Eshani Kashid

Editor: Nandini Patil

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