This or That

Two souls.

Surrounded by crystals.

One side was inky dark.

The other, brighter than day.

The middle was perfectly lit.

The middle had another soul.

The middle soul was confused on who to choose.

The middle soul did not know what to do about this predicament.

It was confused.

The three started talking.

“Imagine a world of pitch black…a world where people are not afraid of the dark but accept it. See the beauty in it. Imagine! People would no longer fear me! I would be the most beloved thing in the world! Choose me. Please. It is sad to be feared….it is sad to be shunned away.”

The bright soul coughed and cleared its throat. It got the middle one’s attention after it was done listening to the dark one.

“Dark must be feared….there is a reason it is feared. To drive the people to light. Light is their refuge. Light is their saviour. Light always creates, light always protects. Do not listen to the dark one. It lies. Listen to the light. The light is always right.”

The middle one looked at both of them. It was still confused. What either said was wrong. A world of dark is no place to live…and neither is a world of light. It sat there, thinking, while the dark and light bickered with each other. It looked in front of it. Its domain was balanced. There was enough darkness and enough light. Its eyes widened and it said, “Both.”

They looked at the middle one. Confused. Both? How can there be both? There could only be one. It had to pick the better one over the worse. Both!?

“Why both?”

“You cannot live without light. And you cannot live without the dark.”

“How do both exist at one time?”

“It is simple. I will create a giant ball of light. Surrounded by darkness. The rock will move around the ball. One part of the rock will be dark, the other light. And they will keep changing, over and over again, till the ball of light cannot hold out any longer.”

“What!? But the people must live forever! The ball of light needs to last till-”

“No…it’s the only way…I cannot hold light for too long, the ball of light will be like me. It won't be able to hold on for too long. Though it will hold on for long enough, till the people leave somehow. You will control the dark. And you will control the light. Learn to be with each other….for I cannot teach that.”

It was done.

Nothing more to be said.

Author: Aditya Iyengar

Editor: Ishwari Tilekar

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