This Says it all


When we are together,

the stars give a sign.

I suddenly feel fine,

as we drown in the lonely weather.

The sun is going down,

as we are looking at each other.

Lighting up the whole town,

are the hazel eyes of my lover!

Kept safe and sound in a memory box,

often, I think about her golden locks!

Somewhere in between those small talks and long walks,

there was love in the air.

I started to share, she started to care

Indeed, we make a great pair!

When I first met her,

I was a little tensed,

I knew she was worthy of my trust,

but what if her feelings were fenced?

She told me what I had in my eyes,

was the same she had in hers.

Our stomachs have butterflies,

And suddenly,

The world is a blur!


Author ~ Nidhi Gundecha

Editor ~ Sia & Arushi Dubey

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