Those Days

Updated: Mar 6


I remember the aesthetic sight

Of the snow being rolled into

Perfect-imperfect balls white

And being embedded into.

There are fresh carrots and beady eyes

And twigs along with a scarf or tie

To create a snowman before daybreak

The ideal Winter Playmate.

I remember the fragrance

Of the freshly baked gingerbread

The delicious turkey and bacon

To keep us for eternity fed.

With plum cakes under the mistletoe

And apple pies under the tree's star's glow

To celebrate yet another New Year's Eve

During this season in which we for joy believe.

I remember the bland taste

Which tingled my tongue

As I the path traced

Where I oft on the swing swung

And the road which was lined

With hailstones and crystals fine

To announce-'My beloved people

Your dear friend Winter is one his way, surreal!

I remember the sound

Of children's gay laughter

In somewhat of a melody bound

With the merry Christmas carols

And the tune ever so pleasing

Of kids in the soft snow playing

To enjoy to the fullest this

Experience of heaven's bliss.

But it is December now

And my friends tell me

Nothing is the same now

And my family tells me

This Winter will not be

Like the ones before

For everything by this pandemic

Has been shaken to the core.

Now as I sit and stare

Into the infinite azure

My mind begins to wander

As I yet again ponder

We are with our loved ones

During this hopeful and joyous season

We are safe and sound

And the never seen wonders know no bound.

The celebrations though abated

Have not been halted

The feast though truncated

Has not been abandoned

The carols though diminished

Have not vanished

And our love despite our barriers

Has never been so strong and superior.


Author: V.R.Kapse

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