Through the Clouds


Flying through the clouds,

I’m reminded of a time when

Houses of fairies were high in the air.

A time when I would live without a care;

A time where I’d do anything to sleep away,

On a soft, fluffy cloud.

A time when airplanes were a mystery;

How could such a big thing fly that high and not fall down?

Did it float on some kind of magical cloud?

I am reminded of a time when going outside to play

Was the ultimate mode of entertainment.

And we’d run around trying to give wedgies all day,

And being the best at hide and seek was the only competition.

When your parents were the start and end to your world,

And you were theirs.

The only names you called your sibling were

‘Idiot’, ‘sissy’, and ‘turd’.

The only responsibility we had,

Was to dream.

Imagine and think of things that were never thought of before,

Mermaids, unicorns, soldiers and sharks on the shore.

The mind was kept occupied by

Elves, mushwulyumpkins, and pixies;

Ghosts, monsters and pirates out at sea.

“No one can relive their childhood, that part of you is gone”

Say quite a few.

But your inner child yearns to come out,

Desperate to be found.

Each time you see fireworks,

The excited, happy and awed feelings you have,

That is your hidden, childish self-

Waiting to be felt.

The curiosity you feel after seeing a new species of insect,

Or a strange looking bird,

That is the 4 year old you-

Observing it, to see what it would do.

It's times like these when curiosity does not kill the cat,

But gives it life.

The child hidden in you is fascinated by the wondrous creations of the Earth,

Gobsmacked by the variety.

The only thing you prayed to,

Was a higher power, contained in a deity.

All you knew was how beautiful the world was,

There was no war to you, no fights.

Injustice never existed for you.

There was no wrong, only right.

Except for maybe that one time your mom fed you icky medicine while calling it chocolate.

When I was a child,

All I wanted to do was grow up.

I was happy, I was carefree, I was wild;

I wanted to eat all the junk food I could and explore the world.

Visit the different continents I learnt about in school,

And be the best little girl I could.

All I wanted to do was grow up.

But now that I’ve grown,

The only thing I want to see,

Is the tender mind of my young self.

The best time of my life,

The childhood of my time.

The things I would do to go back.

The things I would do to go back.


Author: Aaryaa Shah

Editor: Zoyah Virani

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